Release Notes

Coming soon

You will soon have the option to sign in to the game using your email address. This is a pre-requisite for a number of other exciting upcoming features such as tracking your progress, collecting points, customizing the UI, and more.

v1.10.1, 2023-06-13

- Fixed user name input resetting after avatar selection.

v1.10.0, 2023-06-08

- Show spinning wheel while connecting to server.

v1.9.4, 2023-05-19

- Fixed UI issue selecting avatars.

v1.9.3, 2023-05-18

This release of the Baazii Hokm game has some important usability and performance improvements:

- When a player quits a Public or Computer game, they can now choose to go back to the same game or start a new one. This feature was previously available in the Friends mode only.

- When a player attempts to return to a Friends game, they don't need to re-enter the game code as it will be automatically filled in for them.

- The prompt for the player name will only show for the very first game, and not before the consecutive games.

- You can update your user name and avatar any time by clicking on the User button at the top right corner of the screen. If you do so in the middle of a game, the change will not be propagated to the other players until the game is over.

- The Home button, which used to be at the top right corner of the screen, is replaced with an Exit button at the bottom-left corner of the table. It has the same functionality of returning you to the Home scene.

- The Hokm (trump suit) gets selected as soon as you tap on the desired suit.

- The game startup workflow has improved to avoid unnecessary scene load operations.

- Server upgrades are announced to the web client.